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Abbey House Surgery: Golding Close, Daventry, NN11 4FE

Monksfield Surgery: Wimborne Place, Daventry,  NN11 0XZ

Tel: 01327 877 770

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Clinical Assessment Team Nurses

Emily Long

Nurse Team Leader

Nurse Practitioner

Emily Long


Anna Lonska

Nurse Practitioner

Treatment Room Nurses

A Practice Nurse is a registered nurse who’s carried out additional training to enable them to provide a range of services, including Travel advice & vaccinations, childhood immunisations, family planning including cervical screening and management of long-term health conditions including Asthma, COPD and Diabetes.

Kareen Mason

Asthma/COPD, Cervical Screening, Doppler, Leg Ulcers and Travel Vaccinations

Kareen Mason


Karen Barlow

Cervical Screening and Travel Vaccinations


Samantha Hamilton

Cervical Screening, Child Immunisations and Family Planning


Laura Maguire

Child Immunisations, Diabetes and Ear Micro-Suction


Chloe Carlton-Ashton

Asthma/COPD, Child Immunisations, Diabetes and Cervical Screening


Nursing Associate

Hollie Denton

Saffy Smith


Mental Health Practitioner

Georgina Callard

Elie Mountford

Health Care Assistants

Kath Cugini

Team Leader

Kath Cugini


Lisa Gudgin