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Abbey House Surgery: Golding Close, Daventry, NN11 4FE

Monksfield Surgery: Wimborne Place, Daventry,  NN11 0XZ

Tel: 01327 877 770

Contact Details

MDT Team


A paramedic or emergency care practitioner is a registered paramedic who’s completed additional training, enabling them to carry out home visits, manage patients with common illnesses or minjor injuires and perform and read ECGs.

  • Scarlett Thorpe (MDT Team Leader)
  • Karen Sykes

Care Co-Ordinators

  • Jan Sales (Safeguarding)
  • Miranda Osborne
  • Joanne De Groot (Acute Liason)
  • Donna Wells (Frailty/Immunisations)

Clinical Pharmacists

A Clinical Pharmacist is a registered pharmacist who’s undertaken additional training to enable them to work autonomously in general practice.

  • Sam Eggleton (Clinical Manager)

  • Jenny Clarke

Pharmacy Technician

  • Sophie Marples

Social Prescribing Link Workers

  • Emily Giles
  • Natalia Lasys