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Registering at the Surgery

Abbey House Medical Practice accepts new patients from Daventry and the following surrounding villages:

Ashby St Ledgers Little Everdon Preston Capes Whilton Locks
Badby Long Buckby Wharf Staverton Whilton Lodge
Braunston Lower Shuckbrugh Upper Catesby Willoughby (excludes Onley Park)
Dodford Nethercote Watford Wolfhampcote
Everdon Newnham Welton  
Flecknoe Norton Whilton  

Patients who wish to permanently register with the practice will be asked to complete the Permanent Patient Registration Form, the GMS1 form and provide the following forms of identification/information:-

It is important we can legally identify you before requesting medical records.  If you don't have the above forms of identification, please speak with Elaine Pate in our Registrations Department or Yvonne Godfrey in our Patient Services Office.

Once your application to register has been accepted you will be allocated to a GP; to try to ensure everyone has good access to our services we allocate new patients to our GPs on a rota basis.  Spouses and children of existing patients are registered with that patient's GP where this is both requested and feasible.  You have a right to express a preference of GP, in writing or in person, to the Practice Manager and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request or provide you with details of why your request cannot be met. If you are unsure of your Named Allocated GP please contact the practice who will be happy to advise you.

New adult patients registering with the practice are invited to make an appointment to see a health care assistant for a health check. The purpose of this health check is to collect information about personal and family medical history, and to ensure that all routine preventative measures are up to date, eg smears and blood pressure measurements.

Any new patient with a current medical problem or who is taking long-term medication will be given an appointment with their own doctor.

Once registered with the practice it is important that your contact details are kept up to date.  Please don't forget to let us have your new details should you move house or change your name or telephone number. If you change your name by marriage, divorce or deed poll, a certificate proving this is required before any changes can be made to your record.


Registering Babies

For babies the parent/guardian will be asked to fill in a registration form. We also need to see a copy of the baby’s Birth Certificate.


Temporary Registration

If you are living within our area for a period of less than 3 months you can register as a temporary resident to allow us to treat you, but your registration with your usual GP at home will not change.  The details of your consultations with us will be sent on to your own doctor once you leave us.

If you are just ‘passing through’ – which means being in Daventry for a period of less than 24 hours - then we can offer ‘Immediate Necessary Treatment’. 

Visitors from overseas can access care also, although a fee is usually chargeable.  Please ask at Reception, or speak to our Patient Services Manager if you need to clarify your eligibility to NHS care.

All temporary patients will be asked to complete temporary residents and ethnicity forms.

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