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Abbey House Surgery: Golding Close, Daventry, NN11 4FE

Monksfield Surgery: Wimborne Place, Daventry,  NN11 0XZ

Tel: 01327 877 770

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GP Extended Access Service

We have signed up to the GP Extended Access Service, which is being delivered by a collaboration of GP practices in this area (we call this "the Hub"). Appointments are available 7 days a week in our area.

If you wish to attend a hub appointment, you may be given the option to see a GP in the hub at Monksfield or to travel to another local GP practice hub (you may not necessarily see your own GP in either case). This means that hub appointments require the patient's consent for sharing of records.

Patients preferring to see their usual GP or other healthcare professional should book an appointment with us during normal opening hours. Patients needing urgent care when we are closed should continue to call NHS 111 in the usual way.