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For further health information regarding any of the clinics below please see our Conditions and Treatments page or general health advice can be found at


We offer the following clinics:



Asthma is caused by inflammation of the airways. These are the small tubes, called bronchi, which carry air in and out of the lungs. If you have asthma, the bronchi will be inflamed and more sensitive than normal.

Please make it clear to our Patient Support Team that you are asthmatic when you phone.

Our practice nurses have specialist asthma qualifications. They run clinics in order that asthma may be assessed, advice offered, queries answered and the correct treatment ensured.

Patients on asthma medication should be seen at least once a year in the asthma clinic for a check up with the nurse.


BCC Clinic

Daventry and South Northants Community Skin Cancer Service

Dr Ono Esan runs this clinic from our Monksfield Surgery, usually on a Wednesday or Friday morning.

Your own GP will refer you if you have a skin lesion which they think may be, or could become, a form of skin cancer.

When your GP has diagnosed a skin problem that they believe should be referred to the Community Skin Cancer Service, they will discuss this with you and agree with you to make a referral. You will be given a booking reference, which you need to give our GP Assistant, Laura Gale, when you contact us to make your appointment.

Laura will ask Dr Esan to review your referral letter from your own GP (which will arrive electronically) for an initial assessment. You will then receive written confirmation of your appointment, together with appropriate patient information that you may find useful.


Cervical Smear Tests

The practice nurses provide a cervical cancer screening service. See national guidelines.

The test involves the nurse doing a vaginal examination and taking a sample of the cells on the surface of the neck of the womb (the cervix). The sample is then examined under the microscope at the lab.

The aim is to look for and identify cancer warning cells. If these are found then treatment can be organised to prevent cervical cancer ever developing.

To have your smear simply book an appointment with the practice nurses.


Chlamydia Screening

Chlamydia screening is available from the surgery for patients aged 18-24.

Simply ask at reception for a kit. It is a completely confidential service where you can send a urine sample in the envelope provided and receive the results easily.



There are many different methods of contraception. A Family Planning Nurse will discuss your choices with you to find the type that will work best for you.

Contraception is free for most people in the UK and allows you to choose when and if you want to have a baby. The only way to help protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is to use a condom every time you have sex. Other methods of contraception prevent pregnancy but don't protect against STIs.


COPD - How we can help

We like to see all our patients who have been diagnosed with COPD at least yearly. Depending on the severity of your diagnosis we may invite you to come to the clinic more often in order to ensure we give you the care you require.



Our aim is to provide a service that encourages partnership in decision-making, supports you in managing your diabetes, prevent the development of complications, optimise the treatment of diabetes and helps you to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our specialist diabetes team will provide you with support, regular reviews and the day-to-day care of your needs.


Doppler Clinics

Doppler Clinics at held on an ad hoc basis at Monksfield Surgery.

The Nurse performs a Doppler study on both legs. The test involves taking a measurement of your blood pressure in each leg, at the ankle, and comparing it with the blood pressure in your arm. The arterial blood pressure should be about the same in the arms and legs. Peripheral arterial disease is diagnosed when the blood pressure in the legs is reduced compared to that in the arm.



If you are over 18 and have been diagnosed as having epilepsy which is stable, you will be recalled for an annual check with our Epilepsy Nurse.

If you have seizures, or problems with medication, a review can help. Changes to your everyday life, or to your medication, could lead to fewer seizures (fits) or fewer side effects.

Even if you feel well, and aren't having any seizures, regular review of your epilepsy can help you. A healthy lifestyle and taking the right medication usually means most people with epilepsy can live without seizures. The aim is to enable you to lead as full a life as possible and minimise the risks that seizures and medication can bring.

Reviews will include:

  • Your seizures and any questions about them.
  • For women, questions about contraception and possible pregnancy.
  • Taking your epilepsy medicines and how you're getting on with them. You may wish to discuss any side effects.
  • You may be worried about being given different tablets to your normal ones. Nurse McEwen will also ask you about your medicine taking.
  • Questions about any other medicines.
  • Discuss any worries you have.
  • You may want to discuss getting the right balance between side effects of your medicine and seizure control.
  • Any questions about your epilepsy are OK.
  • You can raise any points about living with epilepsy.

If there is an urgent problem with medicines or your seizures, don't wait for a review:

  • if you have taken too much of any medicine,
  • if you have an allergic reaction to a new medicine (such as wheezing, rash, swelling or fainting),
  • if you notice a possible side effect or any unusual symptoms, and/or
  • if you notice your health getting worse.

In any of these cases, talk to a clinician at the Surgery or a Pharmacist straight away.

Don't change your medicines suddenly

Even quite small changes to the amount of medicine you take can affect your epilepsy and put you at increased risk of seizures. If you take prescribed tablets for epilepsy:

  • take them as you have been prescribed them,
  • don't change your dose without talking to your doctor, and
  • don't suddenly stop taking your tablets.


Heart Monitoring

We offer an annual appointment to patients with established heart disease.

The purpose of this clinic is to support you in managing your heart condition and to ensure that the quality of your health remains at its best. It has been proven that correct management of people with cardiovascular disease will reduce the risks of death, heart attacks and admission to hospital.

At the clinic we will review risk factors, discuss lifestyle changes, review medications and arm you with the knowledge you need to manage your condition.

Prior to your appointment you will need to have a blood test. This will mean that your cholesterol and other blood tests will be available for discussion at the clinic.


Leg Ulcers

A leg ulcer is a chronic (long-lasting) non-healing wound on your leg or foot that takes longer than six weeks to heal.
Symptoms of a leg ulcer include pain, itching and swelling in the affected leg.

A venous ulcer can be healed by:

  • the application of strong sustained compression with a bandage or a stocking, and 
  • treating the underlying cause of the ulcer

When appropriate, both treatments can be used at the same time.


Liquid Nitrogen (Cryotherapy)

The Liquid Nitrogen service (or Cryotherapy) is provided by Dr Leyden and Dr Somerset at Abbey House Surgery.

It is used for the treatment / freezing of various skin conditions including skin tags and viral warts as well as some forms of sun related damage.

We do not use it to treat verrucas as it does not help these.
It can be painful and so we do not recommend it for children below the age of 10.

Unless you have been seen in the clinic before, it is better to see your own doctor first to assess if your skin problem could be helped by Cryotherapy.

To book an appointment you need to ask our Patient Support Team for a "Liquid Nitrogen" appointment. Clinics are normally held twice monthly in an afternoon and you may be asked to join the waiting list if demand is high.


Minor Illnesses and Ailments

Our CAT Nurses are experts in minor ailments and can diagnose, treat and prescribe as necessary for conditions including:

  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Sore throats
  • Ear complaints
  • Eye infections
  • Skin conditions
  • Rashes
  • Minor urinary conditions
  • Gastric upsets
  • Allergic reactions
  • Common childhood illness
  • Any minor illness/injury

Telephone and face-to-face appointments are bookable via our Patient Support Team.


Minor Surgery

Certain small surgical operations can be performed at Monksfield Surgery. With minor surgery the recovery time is usually short and you will be back to your usual activities fairly quickly (depending on your procedure).

Before attending for minor surgery you will need to see a doctor for the diagnosis and then you will be given an appointment to attend for your procedure.


Sexual Health

A range of sexual health services are offered at the surgery including:

  • contraception and contraception advice  
  • emergency contraception and emergency contraception advice  
  • chlamydia testing

If you need advice and support with a sexual health matter or you think you have a problem you would like to discuss, please call the surgery to make an appointment.


Smoking Cessation

The Stop Smoking Service is able to offer the following support to all Northamptonshire smokers looking to quit:

  • 12 Weeks of FREE behavioural support
  • Tips and advice on how to stop smoking
  • Face to face and/or telephone appointments
  • County wide clinics, with appointments available Mon-Fri
  • A course of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  • An e-cigarette starter kit and 12 week supply of e-liquid
  • Champix pharmacy/GP referral letter

The service is accessed by Self-referral, this can be done by:

  • Telephoning the 'Stop Smoking' Helpline on: 0300 126 5700 

Who is eligible to access the Northamptonshire Stop Smoking Service? 

This is a universal service, and any Northamptonshire resident who is currently a smoker, or has quit within the last 7 days, can access the support offered. Please note there may be restrictions on which products patients can use eg. e-cigarettes and Champix are 18+.


Toenail Removal

Dr Jonathan Maxwell and Dr Alexander Wennekes run a clinic at our Monksfield Surgery approximately once a month. Surgery is performed on ingrowing toenails, these are removed or partially removed. They also remove toenails which are heavily infiltrated with fungal infection.

Patients with toenail problems can book in to see Dr Maxwell or Dr Wennekes in normal surgery time to decide whether surgery would be appropriate or not.

All procedures are undertaken with the aid of local anaesthetic. After a toenail has been removed the toe will be dressed and the dressing will need to be changed by one of our Treatment Room Nurses the next day. Subsequent dressing changes may be required. Time off work may be required following a procedure depending on your job and other factors.

Our GP Assistant, Laura Gale, organises the toenail clinics and maintains a waiting list for the procedures at times of high demand.